Pandemic Procedures

To ensure the highest level of precaution I will be changing some routines.


Therapist with always have a mask on.

1. Before you enter the building I will ask each client the Covid/Health questionnaire, upon a healthy result you may enter the office.

2. You will enter the office an go directly to the treatment room where a sanitized clip board with the proper forms will be there to fill out. If you need to use the bathroom you may do so at this time.

3. Air filtration added to the treatment room under the table. Treatment proceeds as normal except for the client is encouraged to wear a mask while face-up(supine). No mask required while face-down(prone) The therapist will wash their hands before they leave the room.


4 Before the client leaves the room they must wash their hands.

5. Checkout will be discussed during treatment, can be done at the link below.

6.After each client leaves the treatment room, table, doors, hangers, and all other surfaces touched will be disinfected immediately. 

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